Hire Fees Brown's Bobcat & Truck Hire Fees & machinery specifications.


bobcat hire canberra

Bobcat Dimensions

Width: 1.7 meters

Height: 1.95 meters

Accessories with Bobcat


Levelling Bar

excavator hire canberra

3.5 Tonne Excavator

Width: 1.7 meters

Height: 1.95 meters

Accessories with Excavator


300mm /450mm /550mm digging/ 1200 mud bucket Ripper, Auger with 150mm 250mm 450mm


Bobcat $120 - $130 + GST Per hour depending on attachments minimum 3 hour charge + one hour Float / travel charge*
Excavator Hire 3.5 Tonne $130 + GST Per hour min 3 Hours + one hour Float / travel charge. Attachments may incur additional charges*
Truck Hire $130 + GST Our trucks carry a 12 tonne payload*
Demolition Saw $100 + GST Per day*

*All Machines come with an operator. Due to the nature of providing these services prices may vary.


Disposal of rubbish and fill.

Will be charged out at current tip rates at the time of disposal.



Payment will be expected in full, on completion of the job. We do not keep accounts.


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